Need To Know

Bandana Artist is a one woman show! In order to make sure we have a clear understanding of policies and time frames, every thing you need to know is all right here! I suggest that you read these before placing your order.

Pre-Orders: Since customs are done in the order they are received the pre-order list is essentially a wait-list. It can take up to 10-15 weeks for your customs to go into production (start being made) due to high demand. You will be contacted when your order goes into production as well as when it ships. Please feel free to email at any time! I recommend getting on the list ASAP because spots are very limited.

Color Chart: There is a color chart on the last slide of all products to choose from. If you do not pick the color by the name on the chart I will pick the closest option.

Swoosh Colors: All Forces will come with a white swoosh only. Mens Cortez smaller than size 7 (Women’s 5.5) will come with a black swoosh.  This is based on the way Nike sells them. 

Vans: Side Piece is limited to one color. Multi-Color is limited to 4 colors.

Sizes:  Men: size 5-13. Women: size 5-12. Please be sure that what you put as your shoe size is 100% correct because you will not be able to change after 48 hours.

Refunds and Changes: You will have 48 hours to request any refunds or changes. Please refer to menu for details. This applies to pre-orders as well.

Time Frame: *Timeframes are subject to change* Once in production they will take 4-6 weeks to finish and ship. This is after you have been removed from the Pre-Order list.

All Bandana Artist Customs are done in the order they are received. If you need them sooner please reach out via email ( so that I can see what I can do. This would be an extra fee. There are no guarantees for  any changes after 48 hours.